Face Shield

Face Shield

Face Shield(Full face protection) is a personal protective device that protects the respiratory system from infection and disease, but of course, also protects the eyes. Face Shield produced in Korea is produced in accordance with U.S. or European standards and are supplied to the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


- Material: PET

- Product Size: 32 × 22(cm)

- Weight: 27g

- Thickness: 0.25mm

- Inside: Anti-Fog

- Outside: Antimicrobial coating

- Visible light transmittance: 90 – 92%

- Refractive index : 0

- Protective film for scratch prevention

- CE(BSI) Marking 



- Designed to be ventilated in all directions.

- Using the finest sponge that combines Lyrex fabric.

- Even when worn for a long time, there is little irritation to the skin, and it absorbs sweat quickly and improves it.

- Very light weight and comfortable use of elastic band.

- Wide area protective shield that safely protects the face from direct splash including aerosol

- Removable quickly and easily using an elastic band.