Disposable Coverall (with Boots cover)

• Disposableprotectiveclothingtoprotectagainstliquidsandviruses

• SupplytotheKoreaCenterforDiseaseControlandPreventionandlargehospitalsinKorea

• Type4safetysuit



• ISO Test report: 9001:2015

• EN14126

• EN13034

• EN ISO 14605

FDA Registration Information

• Owner/Operator no. : 10074627

• Facility Name : JINYOUNG CNS

• DeviceListing number: D405163

• Proprietary Name : D405163

Features and Benefits :
  •  Excellent barrier against dry particles, liquid certain chemical splash add spray(CE Type 3/4/5/6)
  •  Taped seams across the suit for better protection and increased durability.
  •  Soft, well-draping laminated material
  •  Two-way zipper with fully sealed storm flap provides convenience and additional protection.
  •  3-Panel hood design to improve 3D compatibility with PPE.
  •  Nate cuffs and knitted cuffs that enhance the comfort and freedom of movement of the elastic waist and ankles.
  •  Anti-static treatment in accordance with EN1149 reduces charge.
  •  Biological protection test according to EN 14126 etc.

CE Type 4
Testing to Type 4 standards requires the coverall material to be put through additional testing. A whole body suit test is conducted with a higher volume of liquid than the equivalent Type 6 test. More importantly, the material and the seams have permeation tests conducted with a minimum of one chemical to assess whether the chemical/s can get through the material at a molecular level.